Calcium caseinate


Calcium caseinate is a protein derived from the casein in milk. The food industry commonly uses calcium caseinate in powders that require a rapid dispersion in water, such as instant cream soups and coffee creamers. As a dietary supplement, bodybuilders use calcium caseinate because this type of protein breaks down more slowly than whey protein, providing a sustained release of amino acids.

chemical formula : C47H48N3O7S2Ca

In addition to its ability to mix with water, calcium caseinate also is a very stable substance. As a food supplement, manufacturers use calcium caseinate to enrich products with organic amino acids, increase the shelf life, improve nutritional content and enhance taste and smell. The bakery, meat and confectioner industries commonly use calcium caseinate in finished food products. Additionally, manufacturers use calcium caseinate in production of health supplements, drinks and dietetic products.

Further, this protein has a high content of L-glutamine, an amino acid essential to muscle building.