Dextrose Anhydrose


Dextrose Anhydrose


dextrose monohydrate

Dextrose Anhydrose Inject grade The Chinese brand “Sandia” is available in a 25kg bag four layer Keraft in Tehran's warehouse.


Indications :

Dextrose is 20% less sweetened than sucrose and is used as a sweetener in the food industry

In the production of dextrose, dextrin, liquid glucose, and other types of syrope, the main source of starch, and for many other industries, it plays a role in improving the physical properties, increasing the stability of the calcium systems and the effect of the concentration. . In baking powders and baking improver materials as filler and preventing chemical reactions between bicarbonate and acid before making dough, in sauces to preserve emulsions of oil and vinegar, and prevent the two phases of the system, in biscuit And crackers to improve tissue texture and product tightness and control of pH in pre-molded baking industry and to prevent Sbydn dough into the mold, In the production of various kinds of soups, it is used as a concentrate and in the canning industry, meat industry, frozen foods, biscuits, cakes, as well as cocoa, ice cream, chewing gum, coffee, lentils and mustard from starch.

Pharmacy and Medicine: For use in serum  patients and Production of various medicine