DL Malic acid


DL-Malic Acid


DL-malic acid

DL-Malic acid food grade in a 25kg bag is available in Tehran's warehouse.


malic acid is crystallized or granular, white, with a melting point of 98 to 99 ° C, and loses water and converts to fumaric acid. The melting point of this acid is less than that of citric acid, which is why it is used in the preparation of hard candies. The main ingredient in magnesium is apple, especially immature apples and other fruits, malic acid. The solubility of malic acid in water is less than that of citric acid, so that this acid can be soluble in 100 ml of water at 20 ° C, 132 g.
In the food industry, this acid is used to prepare mixtures of dry beverages, carbonated beverages, jelly and .........