Agar Agar


Agar Agar sell


agar agar  food grade with 1100 gel strength in 20kg packaging (Aleppo in carton) available in Tehran's warehouse.

1. Food industry: as an emulsifier and stabilizer
2. Microbiology: In the construction of various culture media
3. Plant tissue culture
4. Pharmacy
5. Makeup, sanitary: As a gel and toner in shampoos and other materials
6. Dentistry
7. Feeding helpful insects

Agar applications in food industry
1. Dairy industry: Agar has been used as an adaptive and emulsifying agent as an appropriate texture in various dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, breakfast cereals and confectionery, ice cream, dough and so on.
2. Confectionery and chocolate industry: The agar is used extensively in cooking and dessert desserts as well as sweets and chocolates.
3. Jelly products: Due to the agar's gel properties, it is used as an alternative to gelatin in gelatin products such as pasta, jelly powder and ready jelly.