Ingredion Launches Breakthrough Clean Label Starches for Extended Cold Shelf Life Stability


Ingredion Incorporated have announced two new additions to its line of functional clean label starches – NOVATION PRIMA 340 and 350 – for extended cold shelf life stability in refrigerated, frozen and instant foods.

NOVATION PRIMA 340 and 350 are the first functional clean label starches to deliver instant viscosity and excellent process tolerance while providing high stability under cold temperature storage – giving manufacturers the ability to extend the shelf life of cold-processed or instant products in the freezer or refrigerator. NOVATION PRIMA 350 offers all the attributes of NOVATION PRIMA 340 along with enhanced dispersion benefits – for faster production in a wide range of applications – making it ideal for systems with stringent dispersion requirements.

Manufacturers can now deliver the same shelf life stability and functionality as traditional modified starches or other stabilizers with NOVATION PRIMA 340 and 350, but with a simple, consumer-friendly starch label. In addition to high freeze/thaw stability, the starches offer high stability to heat, acid and shear during processing, a clean flavor profile and smooth textures.

“We continue to experience an increased demand for fresher, simpler foods in the grocer’s refrigerated case,” said Marco Villone, Ingredion’s vice president of marketing, North America. “By replacing modified food starches with NOVATION PRIMA 340 and 350, food developers now have the ability to meet consumer demand for products that keep their texture in the refrigerator or freezer, with a fresh appeal and clean label.”

NOVATION PRIMA 340 and 350 functional native starches can be used to formulate a wide variety of refrigerated and frozen foods, including dressings, dips and spreads, fruit preparations, cream and fruit pie fillings, sauces, glazes, marinades, pasta fillings, prepared meals and instant dairy desserts.

Ingredion now offers 25 different NOVATION functional clean label starches in North America, giving manufacturers options to address varying process and label requirements.