Nestlé Makes Push to Reduce Sodium Levels as its Backs FDA Initiative to Fight Health Problems


Nestlé is making a concerted effort to cut sodium from its products, backing a healthy eating initiative spearheaded by the Food and Drug Administration.

The move by the world's biggest food company comes as the US government looks to fight obesity, Type 2 diabetes and other health problems in the US.

Nestlé  said that it is looking to increase the number of foods and beverages in its portfolio that can fit into a daily diet that contain less than 2,000 milligrams of sodium per day, which is guidance put forward by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Currently, 43 percent of Nestlè’s foods meet this target.
The Kit-Kat maker said it is backing the FDA initiative to release new voluntary sodium targets, a move that has not been welcomed by some in the food industry.
"We are committed to constantly improving the nutritional profile of our products, but we also recognize that effective solutions to public health challenges require broad, multi-stakeholder efforts," Nestlé’s USA CEO Paul Grimwood said in a statement.
"By urging the FDA to release voluntary sodium standards, Nestlé is paving the way to empower the public to make better food choices," the American Heart Association said in a statement.
"The American Heart Association joins industry leaders like Nestlé and Mars Foods in supporting the release of these standards because they have the potential to impact lives."