About us


Mohebi trading company with 15 years old of experience in importing and distributing food and chemical raw materials is ready to receive your orders.

This company serves any foreign trading orders in the field of food importing raw materials , machines for food industry and etc.

Mohebi trading provides services to you with an experienced team in consultation , formulation and foundation of food industrial lines.

We can assist you in a best way with a complete database for buying food industrial machinery ; including new or second-handed & foreign or Iranian.

All those involved in the food industry consist of :

-food importers and distributers of raw materials

- manufacturers and importers of food industry machinery

-food industry experts who forth come to provide technical knowledge and formulation and set up factories;

are invited to offer suggestions to sell their goods and services in the  Your sell offer  part and stay in touch with our experts.

This company, relying on prolong experience on this industry and professional team with great technical knowledge insures you; services with best quality , authenticity and price.